From now until early July I will be updating this blog much less often.

First, this blog will not stopped. I now keep Zora Neale Hurston’s folklore in my backpack. I will post on it as I feel so moved.

I will be focusing on my new project, which is a Philip K. Dick re-read and analysis. It can be found at http://philipkdickreview.wordpress.com

I hope this will tie into my upcoming book on Dick’s lessons for us in late capitalism.

I will also be looking for a job. It has been a nice year, but I feel the need to start teaching again. This requires some degree of focus. I also need to do some writing in the field of history. With the publication of my book Work, Class, and Power in the Borderlands of the Early American Empire, I have been at a loss about what to do next. I have idea. Too many in fact. That is the problem.

The blog will begin again full speed this summer while I am in the United States with my daughter. I plan to spend the entire summer working on the Library of America’s collections of noir and crime and mystery novels while I make final revisions to the PKD book.

I will be back soon.